Motivation: Starting with the Basics

maxresdefaultThis might seem obvious to some people but motivation doesn’t just pop out of thin air. Some people think that maybe if they just jump into something the motivation will come. And maybe that’s true sometimes. But we everyday people can’t just cross our fingers and hope.

The truth is motivation starts with you.

That’s right. Nobody else is going to find it for you. You might think some people do, but in the end it was you who decided to change your mindset. You have to want to be motivated.

Let me say that again. You have to want to be motivated.

There’s no big secret that successful people have to motivate themselves. You just have to want it. That’s because when you want it your perspective on things change. Suddenly you want to make that extra effort, you want to spend more time on it. The more you want that motivation the more you direct your focus on that thing your motivating yourself for. You make yourself into a driving force that accomplishes what you set out to accomplish. But what if you don’t want it?

If you don’t want to find motivation then you fall into a category that most other people do as well. That’s the group that procrastinates doing things, the group that can’t be bothered. If you don’t want motivation to do something then you don’t really want that something do you? Or at least you don’t want something associated with that thing. This is a much harder thing to overcome. But again, it all comes back to you.

Some people have already hit the milestone. They want to be motivated but they’re not at the point where they’ve become their own driving force. That’s okay. You’ve already made that crucial first step. Now it’s all about validating that motivation to yourself. That part is easy. Why did you want to motivate yourself to do this behavior in the first place? Maybe you were trying to motivate yourself to go to the gym. Ask yourself why. To get skinny? To be in better shape? Want to be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger?

The question you need to ask yourself is why did I want to motivate myself in the first place? That’s your driving force. Right there. Hold onto that, feed on it. Do all this and you are well on your way to motivation.



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