Friends: Grow Your Social Group


Friends are important. Everybody has friends. Friends are so important to our everyday lives that we are judged by how many friends we have, the quality of our friendships and the beliefs that our friends hold dear. Some people make friends easily. They just go out and socialize and meet half the city. Those are the people you see with over a thousand friends on facebook. And that’s great, those people have a really good skillset for making their way through life. But naturally not everyone has it so easy.

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Not everyone makes friends easily.

Some people struggle with this. Where do you start? What do you say? Where do you meet these people? Not everyone likes to socialize, or has the necessary set of social skills to do what others seem to do so easily.

On the other hand, there are many people that build up their social group the way they like it and then just coast with that same group of friends as long as it suits them. They get comfortable and spend all of their time with this group and they stop meeting new people. Then if their social group breaks apart, they’re lost without them and they struggle to rebuild.

If you’re here then you already took that major first step. You made this something you want. So let’s get started.

The first step takes effort.

But it’s also the easiest. It takes effort because you need to go out of your way and actively do this, but it’s not hard. There are those people that you see every day, even every few days. That lady from your building with the funny hat. The young man who works behind the counter at the deli you go to on the weekends. They’re people you see all the time, but right now that’s all they are to you.

Let’s change that.

Start by saying hello. See, simple. How often do you actually say hello to people you don’t know? My guess is probably not very often. Those people that you see every day, the ones that you walk by and mostly ignore because they don’t fit into your day? The next time you walk by, put a smile on your face, and say hello. Now don’t be all creepy or awkward about it, people don’t like that. Don’t just do this once. Every time you see that person just smile and say hello. It’s not invasive, it doesn’t make them think you’re trying too hard, it’s just a nice friendly thing to do.

People like that.

Do this every day and that person is going to get comfortable saying hello to you because they do it every day. Maybe they’re even happy to see you in the morning now. Big difference from such a small act don’t you think? Do this with as many people with you want. Every single person will respond positively, because it’s the polite thing to do. Then it becomes comfortable and it just becomes something they do.

People like friendly people.

Be that friendly person and people will like you, people will talk to you. That barrier of awkwardness you get from people you don’t know will be gone. You learn everyone’s name, you make connections. Other people see you being friendly with everyone and it influences their opinions of you too. Even if all you ever do is say hello, do other people know that? Absolutely not. They just see that you’re the person that everybody talks to. Now you’ve earned a positive image from everyone else.

Build off of it.

Talk to people. Learn about them. You’re not going to like everyone you meet but if they’re friendly to you, who cares? They’re not going to be a thorn in your side. And people like to help the people that they know. So initiate that. Help them out, maybe ask a favor here and there. People have varying skills and contacts, who knows where some connections can branch off to.

Look how far we’ve gone. We went from not knowing a bunch of people, to being a person that everyone likes and looks favorably upon with a bunch of social connections they can use. All of this from one simple thing. It’s not hard and anyone can do it. You just need to have the motivation.

Just say hello.



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