Belief: Let it Define You

You have beliefs. I have beliefs. That in itself is not a problem. Unfortunately beliefs are more complicated than that. Our society has made it so that you can’t just have a belief any more; it has to meet certain standards to be considered acceptable. You have to consider other peoples beliefs, their feelings, their religion, the societal impact of your belief if other people disagree. And to top it all off, everyone thinks their beliefs are the right beliefs. It’s all very complicated.

So let’s simplify things.

We can bring this down to one very simple thing. A belief is an opinion, it is not a fact. It is something that you hold to be true based on your life experiences and your knowledge of the world. So really, you can believe whatever you want to believe because it’s something that’s true to you. Here’s the problem.

Not everyone likes your belief.

People are different; they have different life experiences that teach them different things which lead them to discover different beliefs. But beliefs are strong. They come from our life and we are sure they are right because we live by them. So when people come together, beliefs will always clash because all people are uniquely different. When two people fundamentally disagree, there is potential for major conflict. We see it with religions, nations, race, and gender. It’s all just ridiculous though isn’t it?

You can’t be a part of the conversation if you’ve never known the other side.

If a woman tells me it’s easier to be a man in life than it is to be a woman, before this conversation even goes anywhere it is fundamentally flawed on both sides. As a guy I could say oh you know it can’t be that bad, and she could try and beat into me that she’s absolutely right. Has that women ever experienced being a man before? And on the flip side has that man ever experienced being a woman before? Obviously there are rare cases where this is true but for most of us the answer is absolutely not. Those are beliefs that they have. So how can these two people possibly come to an understanding? They both are only living one side of the argument. Sure they have facts and stories and past inequalities that exist. But that man has no idea what the other side is like. Men and women go through different social pressures, they have different responsibilities in life, and they get treated differently in life and face different health issues. But because they believe those things they act on them accordingly. Here’s my point.

Your beliefs define you.

If you go through your whole life believing people are putting you down, then you will act out your life differently than if you think everyone is your friend. Whether they’re true or not, what you believe directs your actions. If you act like your religion is better than somebody else’s religion, it affects how you react and relate to those people that believe differently doesn’t it? We have so many problems in the world because we all believe in different things and we think my way is better. My way is not better, it is simply my way, it is what I believe, what I think is true. Instead of judging everybody else, turn the mirror on yourself first. What kind of beliefs do you have? Why is your way better? You have your opinions and can try to prove that they are indeed better, but maybe it’s only better for you. How would you know?

Stop getting ahead of yourself.

Remember that your belief is just that. A belief. We can all believe whatever we want, but our beliefs have real world repercussions. That’s because we act on our beliefs. So how do you want your beliefs to affect the world? Personally, I want my beliefs to change the world for the better. Trying to help and motivate people, trying to avoid pointless arguments, being nice to everyone you meet. I believe it and I act on it. And so do you. So ask yourself. How are my actions affected by my beliefs? Are you happy with what you see? If not, maybe it’s time for a change.

Believe in the kind of person you want to be.

Our beliefs direct our actions and we want to be the best people we can be. So choose wisely.

Do you have any beliefs you think have made a difference in your life? Maybe someone else’s life? Or maybe you have a completely different opinion on beliefs. Share your thoughts in the comments!


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