Mothers Day


Once a year we set aside a day to show our appreciation for someone who really deserves it. They brought us into this world, they raised us, they taught us and they supported us, even when we didn’t deserve it. Our moms. This weekend we get to spoil our moms the way they spoil us the whole rest of the year.

Where would you be without your mom?

You are a downright pain in the butt. And nobody knows it more than your mom. When you were younger you cried and threw tantrums, you screamed and yelled and got in trouble. And there was your mom putting up with all of your nonsense and mess and getting you through it. Who else in the world can say that (Dads are excluded here as they like to pawn the work off on the moms; you’ll get your credit on your own day)?

Then you hit puberty and became an absolute nightmare to live with for everyone around you. You didn’t want to listen anymore, you knew everything and everyone else was wrong all the time. Your mom put up with you.

You went to university/college and your parents nearly went bankrupt to pay for you, and you wanted to drink and party instead of studying. You were absolutely ungrateful because that money meant nothing to you at the time. Your mom put up with you.

You moved out and only called her on weekends if you remembered to because you had more important things to do. You had different worldviews and opinions on how to live your life and you fought about it. Your mom put up with you.

And how did she deal with all of this?

She was with you through every single part of your life, put up with all of your ups and downs. And you know what the crazy thing is? She still loves you. Nobody in their right mind would still love you after all of that. But she does. Your mom is so incredibly special because she will always be there for you no matter what. She will care about you, give you advice, and help you in any way she can anytime she can. She always will because no matter what you do, you’ll always be her baby in her heart.

So all of that stuff you put her through? This weekend is your time to do your best and pay her back for all of that devotion. You spoil that woman rotten and you make damn sure you remind her how important she is and how much you love her. She deserves all the thanks you can give and more because she has done so much for you.

Show her how much she is appreciated. Give her a great mothers day!


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