Break Free From Routine


Our lives revolve around routines. They make us feel comfortable, they give us a sense of familiarity and they make us more efficient in our everyday lives. We thrive in our routines and so we stay in them. For example, maybe you know going to the gym everyday feels good; you have friends that go there, it’s close to home, you’ve set time aside for it out of your day, and you know where the machines are. It’s familiar, so we stay there. But if one day when it’s time to go to the gym, your friend asks you to go rock climbing instead. It’s physically demanding, it can get your heart racing and it will provide you with a similar overall workout to going to the gym. But even though it’s similar, rock climbing isn’t the gym. It’s not what we normally do and it freaks some of us out. So we hesitate. We try to maintain our routine and we say we’ll go a different day.

Routines get in the way.

While they are fantastic, sometimes routines just get in the way. You do the same things all the time, you eat at the same time, you workout at the same time, you go to bed at the same time. News flash. Not everything revolves around your routine. What if some really great festival is on but it goes later than you’re willing to stay up? If you stick to your routine then you’re going to miss it. But if you break your routine you could have some new experiences, learn new things and meet new people. You can get some interesting opportunities if you’re willing to break your routine.

Leave your comfort zone.

If you were to travel to Ireland and you absolutely loved it there, you could keep going again and again because you know you’ll enjoy yourself. You find new routines there and you make yourself comfortable. But if you keep going back to Ireland, you’ll never see anywhere else! By choosing to stay in your comfort zone you’re choosing to miss out on the rest of the world. Why limit yourself? Maybe Italy is amazing too but you’ll never find out because you’ll never go there. Doing the same thing over and over again is so boring.

Keep a good balance.

If you never have a routine then you won’t be a very efficient person in getting things done because you’re always flying off the handle. But if you’re always following a routine then you’ll never do anything else with your life outside of your routine. So you need to experiment and find a balance that works for you. Maybe you leave yourself an hour or two of free time a day; that way if something comes up you can make up your routine later on in that extra two hours you set aside. Whatever works for you. It’s hard to break from routine so just aim to be flexible.

There are so many things happening outside of your regular routine. Don’t miss out on them. Be flexible enough to experience something new, to leave your comfort zone. Be able to Break free from your routine.


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